About Us

Mae Pen was founded in 2002, with the first restaurant located in Nørrebro by Panitta Maneeyingskun. She moved to Denmark in 1993, but she was born and grew up in Bangkok, Thailand. Her mother had and still has a restaurant in Thailand, where Panitta used to work after school. The expertise for Thai food comes exactly from the very same restaurant of her mother. The name Mae Pen translated from Thai means “Mother Pen”, named after Panitta’s mother, called Pen. Coincidentally Pen also means full moon, and “Mae” means mother. In Mae Pen restaurant we do not use any preservatives and only use fresh ingredients. The raw materials we use are imported from Thailand. In our dishes, there are carefully selected Thai vegetables and herbs, which not only makes the food taste good but also are healthy. The whole Mae Pen family has been passionate about good food, which is what we live for.